Migrate Other VPS to Kinetic VPS

1) Zip File and sql from the old server ( Digital Ocean, Vultr,Upcloud, Google Cloud Server)

command to dump :-
mysqldump -u username -p database_name > data-dump.sql

zip your webserver folder
zip -r filename.zip /path/folder/foldername

sql file and zip file location is in your root path.

2) Transfer zip file and sql file to new server

scp -r /root/filename.zip/ root@

scp -r /root/data-dum.sql/ root@

3) unzip and import your sql database using phpmyadmin

unzip filename.zip 

use sftp from filezilla is more easy to move the unzip file to your webserver file.. runcloud webserver path is /home/runcloud/webapps/

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