Getrespond Email

Ways in GETRESPOND Email

1. Keep it clean
     1. Unsubscribes: Don’t force customer(only talk to people who want to listen)
     2. Reconfirmation: Reconfirm customer subscription( by marketing automation)


     3. List hygiene: No duplicate/bounce email and separate inactive or active subscriber 

2. Segmentation
    1. Geographics: Country, City, Density, Language, Climate, Area, Population
    2. Demographics: Age, Gender, Income, Education, Social status, Family, Life stage, Occupation


    3. Psychographics:Lifestyle, Activity, Interest, Opinion, Concern, Personality, Values, Attitudes
    4. Behavioral: Benefits sought, Purchase usage, Intent, Occasion, Buyer stage, User status,
        Life cycle stage, Engagement

3. Send a killer welcome email


    1. Communicate to make your brand memorable
    2. Welcome subscriber
    3. State your own clear vision and mission
    4. Surprise with discount and free content

4. Let automation do the work for you


   1. Planning ideal subscribe journey
    2. Define objective and target
    3. Create a time-triggered and action-triggered drip campaign
    4. Track result and continuously optimize

5. Reactive and Inactive subscriber

    1. Define/creates segment for inactive user
    2. Earn audience trust
    3. Importance of main offer (encourage people to read)
    4. Effective copy and image (make sure quality and value of product)
    5. CTA buttons (guide directly)


  1. Unsolicited email
  2. Purchasing database
  3. Un-targeted email
  4. Un-segmented database



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